Start & End parameters for Actions

Bordeaux's Action HUD (Heads-Up Display) only shows the End parameters for each action. The Start parameters are taken from the object's default state. Although this reduces the total # of fields displayed in the HUD it causes some workflow problems in practice.

In this design I've added Start and End mode button at the top of the HUD and displayed separate parameters for each. Clicking on the Start and End buttons switches between editing modes, which lets you interact with each state while the other state is fully visible. I've also added a visual preview of both the Start and End states on the stage which users can interact with directly instead of using the text fields in the HUD. When one state is active, the parameters of the other state are not editable, which is shown by graying out the object on the stage and italicizing its text fields. An arrow vector shows the direction and path of motion if applicable.

SWF interactivity in the mockup below: