Active Preview enhancements

Active Preview mode provides a live preview of how export settings affect each object in the canvas. It also displays file sizes for selected object vs. the entire composition, and indicates whether an object will export as a bitmap or vector. Below I demonstrate some possible improvements to Active Preview mode.

Canvas preview

In this mockup I've added a few more visual tools to the Canvas:

Timeline preview

The Timeline window does not currently display any Active Preview information, yet this is an optimal place to display such data.

The following timeline contains the same objects as the canvas above.

Groups, movie clips, and audio tracks could also be displayed in Active Preview mode. Below is an example of how groups containing all vector objects vs. groups with a mix of bitmap and vector could be displayed. Collapsing the group's contents still allows you to see how the contents of each group would export. This would be helpful when trying to track down bitmapped layers deep within a nested composition.