UI Mockups | Larry Sullivan

• Presentation & Slideshow authoring •

A response to a design exercise created by Robby Shaver, designer for the Acrobat.com team

Slide selection & adding new slides
Changing tabs in the thumbnail pane
Setting thumbnail size
Changing Workspaces

Inserting, Deleting, & Duplicating Slides

• Video skinning and interactivity •

Start & End parameters for Actions

Early prototype of Photoshop Express

Main Editing window
Original/Undo/Redo tabs
Easy Mode

Medical Imaging prototype

Interface proposal for diagnostic software that helps technicians navigate CT scans

Loupe Widget

Vanishing Point
Photoshop plug-in •

Dialog improvements
Larger contextual help area
Ruler vs. grid

• DVD / Blu-ray / Flash authoring

GOP headers
Poster Frame display

• Flash authoring

Active Preview enhancements